Herbal Formulas

Chinese herbal medicine is a sophisticated medical system dating back thousands of years. Herbs are used to treat the full range of human ailments, from common colds and gynecological problems, to autoimmune and degenerative diseases. Chinese herbal medicine is especially good at promoting the body’s ability to heal and recuperate.

Luna Sparks Acupuncture prescribes formulas only from suppliers who maintain strict control over the quality and accuracy of the herbal ingredients in their products. Companies such as Blue Poppy, KPC, Spring Wind, Evergreen and more are known to independently test for pesticides, fungus, mold spores and heavy metals to ensure levels fall well below minimum requirements.

Safety of Chinese Herbal Formulastraditional-chinese-898567__180

Read the links below for more information about the safety and usage of Chinese herbal formulas, as well as their growing popularity in Western medicine.

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