Our Clinic’s Mission, Goals and Values

Our Organizational Mission

To provide effective, holistic healthcare for people who seek to take charge of their health using alternatives or adjuncts to western medications and surgery


Our Organizational Goals

  1.  To comprehensively evaluate and consistently re-evaluate patients’ health status to identify patterns of illness based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and concepts of western orthopedics

  2. To provide effective medical interventions that lead to long-lasting relief from musculoskeletal dysfunction, psychological distress and other internal medicine conditions.

  3. To communicate clearly with patients about assessment findings and corresponding treatment plans.

  4. To educate patients about comprehensive self-care strategies via the five branches of Chinese medicine for long-term health maintenance.


Our Organizational Values

  1. Tailored Care:  We believe each individual’s health status is unique, requiring meticulous assessment of each condition and carefully chosen interventions, consciously avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

  2. Evolving:  We always want to be better at what we do and we take advantage of opportunities for professional learning and personal growth.

  3. Integrity in Communication:  We believe in taking responsibility for clear, honest communication and actively seek constructive feedback.

  4. Professionalism:  We create a professional environment where patients are greeted with joy and warmth.  Meaningful patient-staff relationships are a priority, while maintaining professional boundaries.  We have a deep commitment to ethical practices in our healthcare delivery.