Increased energy and better mood

My entire body feels better

Because of my acupuncture treatments I feel like I have a new “lease” on life at 89 years-old. My left knee pain continues to improve with each visit. In fact, my entire body feels better. John’s treatments make me feel happy all over. John is very gentle and caring throughout the whole treatment.

Carol K.

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John has a special ability

Warm, kind, and gentle. John has a special ability to make you feel better before he even picks up a needle. We are lucky to have him in the Bay Area! (Chris M.)

I was in a lot of pain

I remember my first treatment with John – I was in a lot of pain and as he performed acupuncture combined with Tui Na massage – I could feel the pain literally melt out of my body.  It was incredible.  I could tell healing was going on at that very moment.  Another treatment involved a very stressful time

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