Quality of Life Improved

Body aches and pains disappearing little by little

John is an amazing healer and an incredible person. His sessions are complete and the time seemed not to matter to him. He is a great listener, very patient and precise with those needles. He is a great acupuncturist who doesn’t stop until you feel better.  I’m almost 55 years old and my body’s aches and pains have been disappearing

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Foot, knee and hip pain Gone Away

John has helped me in so many ways.  I was having foot, knee and hip pain and those have completely gone away. He has been a terrific support for fatigue, cold and respiratory issues.  His herbs are easy to take.  He is very caring and he took the time to research other ways to address my trigger finger. I can

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Pain got less and less with each treatment

I recently saw John for issues related to pain in my arm, foot and knee. Also, I had recently changed antidepressants and my mood was fairly flat. After one treatment, my energy and mood improved significantly. The pain in the various parts of my body got less and less with each treatment. John has a warm, pleasant approach. I feel

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