Foot, knee and hip pain Gone Away

John has helped me in so many ways.  I was having foot, knee and hip pain and those have completely gone away. He has been a terrific support for fatigue, cold and respiratory issues.  His herbs are easy to take.  He is very caring and he took the time to research other ways to address my trigger finger. I can ask anything about his techniques and it is obvious that he knows what he is doing and why, and he communicates this clearly. He always checks to see if I am comfortable.  He also has meditation sessions that are very informative. I would highly recommend his services and talents.

– Debra G.

Pain got less and less with each treatment

I recently saw John for issues related to pain in my arm, foot and knee. Also, I had recently changed antidepressants and my mood was fairly flat. After one treatment, my energy and mood improved significantly. The pain in the various parts of my body got less and less with each treatment. John has a warm, pleasant approach. I feel he is a gifted practitioner who enjoys helping people feel better. I also know him to be ethical and understanding. If you are new to acupuncture, or perhaps have fears about it, John is reassuring and patient. He takes the time needed to get to know his patients. I am grateful that he has chosen this life path.

– Sheri H.

Digestive disorders, stress, foot injury

I have been treated by John many many times for different reasons (digestive disorders, stress, foot injury). Every time he listened to my issues carefully and applied different modalities of Chinese Medicine according to my problem at that time. It is very clear to me that he loves what he does. Thanks for choosing this path of healing people.

– Ozben F.

I can move and walk

Everything was easier after I started working with John. I can get on the bus, I can raise my feet and climb up the steps and walk. I can now walk 4 or 5 blocks and not even be out of breath, and before I had to rest. And when people ask me how old I am (92 years) they are amazed at how I can move and walk and do the things that I do. And the herbs have just opened up a new life for me, they might not taste very good but the results are great.
– Mary